Huayu Printing & Coating: Conquer the high point of the industry and fill the international gap

Tongzhou Daily News (Reporter Zhu Jian) ​​The GT-1800 steel drum thin plate color printing coating production line newly developed by Jiangsu Huayu Printing and Coating Equipment Group Co., Ltd. has overcome the technical difficulties in the manufacture of 200L vats. The printed image is re-made into barrels, which fills the gap in the world, is more beautiful and environmentally friendly, and saves resources.

The 200L steel drum belongs to the metal packaging. The current traditional process is still through the spraying method, which can only be single-color or strip-shaped two-color spraying, which is costly and energy-consuming.After the GT-1800 steel drum thin plate color printing coating production line is put into production, it really does not require cleaning and phosphating, does not require painting, does not require printing, and does not waste paint and coatings. The new process and new method have completely subverted the traditional barrel making process in the current steel barrel industry."After the popularization of the GT-1800 steel drum thin plate color printing and coating production line, the steel plate can be delivered after one sheet is rolled. The appearance is beautiful and beautiful, and the production workshop is free of pollution, realizing clean production. It’s a good thing.” Xin Qiaojuan, head of the expert group of the Steel Drum Professional Committee of the China Packaging Federation, said.

Innovation is the only way for an enterprise to move forward.In recent years, Huayu Printing and Coating has invested 10% of its annual sales in research and development and technological innovation. The research and development team has more than 50 people, and more than 10 new products are developed and put on the market every year. The company currently has more than 60 national authorized patents, and has cooperated with many institutes Universities have carried out close industry-university-research cooperation.Continuous scientific and technological progress has narrowed the gap between Huayu Printing and Coating and international advanced enterprises.

"We used to specialize in the production of small can packaging, and were the equipment supplier and manufacturer for enterprises such as Red Bull, Wangzai, and Six Walnuts. The original 200L steel drum was rough in manufacture and ugly in appearance, so we wondered if we could use it to produce small cans. They invested more than 10 million yuan in research and development, started from scratch, redesigned, and finally we made it, and everyone is very happy." Shen Binyi, chairman of Huayu Printing Co., Ltd. said.

According to reports, the production line has been subscribed by Tianjin Donghai Barrel Company.Merchants from Italy, the United States, Japan and other countries and regions have shown strong interest in this production line, and have carried out preliminary negotiation and cooperation.

Release time: 2022-12-07

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