The precision of printing on metal is measured in micron

Iron printing machines, coating machines, and drying rooms are key equipment for metal sheet printing. This market has long been monopolized by German and Japanese companies.Jiangsu Huayu Printing and Coating Equipment Group has increased investment in research and development and process control. On the basis of the localization of the drying room in the early stage, it has successfully developed a two-color iron printing machine for metal sheets, becoming the second in the world and the earliest domestic iron printing machine and paint. A metal packaging equipment manufacturer integrating machine and drying room.

Iron printing machine is a more sophisticated key equipment in the production process of beverage packaging cans.Printing text and color patterns on metal sheets, due to the extremely high requirements for typesetting position errors, the accuracy requirements for iron printing machines are also calculated in microns, which is almost the same as Shenxiu in Nantong.

In fact, Huayu Printing & Coating is an old factory established in 1972. For many years, it has been committed to the localization of drying room equipment in the printing and coating production line. Before that, China imported 20 to 30 sets of drying room equipment every year. Now, The drying room of Huayu Printing Co., Ltd. has almost monopolized the domestic metal packaging enterprises.Last year, 120 sets of drying rooms were sold, achieving sales of 140 million yuan.

The production of iron printing machines, from R&D and design to raw materials, processing technology and heat treatment, is still blank in China.Huayu Company invested 10 million yuan to introduce a pentahedron processing center from abroad. At the same time, together with the raw material supplier, through repeated tests and screening, the cast iron raw material was determined. After 3 years, the first batch of domestically produced two-color iron printing machine was finally trial-produced. .Last year, 100 sets were sold.

This month, Huayu Printing & Co., Ltd. is producing four-color iron printing machines. It is expected that the first four-color iron printing machine will roll off the production line at the end of June. In the next and next year, the company will produce 8-color iron printing machines, reaching the international advanced level.

Release time: 2022-12-06

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